Ta-da User General Conditions

Welcome to Ta-da, the crowdsourcing platform that connects Producers and Checkers with clients looking to validate specific tasks. These User General Conditions (UGC) define for Producers and Checkers the rights, duties and conditions of use of Ta-da.

By accessing and using our platform, you fully and unreservedly accept these UGCs.

1. Registration and Users

1.1. User Categories: There are two categories of users on Ta-da - Producers and Checkers.

Producers execute jobs offered by Tada clients

The Checkers validate that the jobs executed by the Producers comply with customer requirements

1.2. Registration: To become active, each user must download the mobile application available on Google Playstore (Android) or Apple Store (iOS) and register.

1.3. Multiple Accounts: It is strictly prohibited to register more than once. Holding multiple accounts is prohibited.

1.4. Registration Data: The user must provide an email address, complete a profile sheet, choose a password, and attest to their adult status.

1.5. Validation of the Profile Sheet: The profile sheet will only be validated if all required fields are completed, possibly if necessary including a facial photo taken by a smartphone and a scan of the identity card.

The number and nature of the fields may be modified or supplemented depending on the jobs offered or more generally depending on the evolution of Ta-da's business structure.

1.6. Personal Data Management Policy: By registering, the user attests to their acceptance of the personal data management policy implemented by Ta-da, included in the T&Cs.

1.7. Right of Refusal of Registration: Ta-da reserves the right to accept or refuse the registration of a user without justification. In case of refusal, the account will be deactivated and deleted.

If applicable, the user will no longer be able to re-register.

2. Jobs, Remuneration, and Deposit

2.1. Wallet: After validating the profile, the user must open a wallet to receive Ta-da tokens.
This wallet will only be used to withdraw your winnings from the platform and transform them into Ta-da token.

2.2. Remuneration of Producers and Checkers: Producers and Checkers are remunerated in Ta-da points, in accordance with the Prize Pool system described in the T&Cs.
For each of his jobs, the Producer will receive remuneration in Ta-da points in accordance with the Prize Pool system described below in the T&Cs.
This remuneration will be obtained by the Producer if his work is validated by the checkers assigned to his job.
The instructions to follow in the execution of the job by the Producer will be provided by the Client in the job description.
To be able to perform the first jobs, the Producer will be given points by Ta-da to be able to make a deposit.

Checkers will also be paid in Ta-da points in accordance with the Prize Pool system described below in the T&Cs.
This remuneration will be obtained by the Checker if his job is valid, that is to say his judgement is consistent with that of his colleagues.
The instructions to be followed by the Checker in verifying the job done by the Producer will be provided by the Client in the job description.
To be able to perform the first jobs, the Producer will be given points by Ta-da to be able to make a deposit.

2.3. Deposit: If the job done by the Producer is considered invalid by the checkers, he is not paid and loses his deposit.
If a checker's vote differs too much from that of his colleagues, he is not paid and loses his deposit.
The deposit system still exists to encourage users to behave well (produce valid data, respect instructions, etc.). Lost deposits are redistributed among other things in the Prize Pool.

3. Prize Pool and Money Distribution

3.1. Prize Pool: When users complete (validated) tasks, the remuneration for production and verification tasks is paid into a Prize Pool stock. The quantity of tokens in this stock increases depending on the workforce (a variable that takes into account the number of users, the quality of their work, etc.).

A trigger event redistributes the entire stock to the users who participated. This event can be of different types:

- all periods of time (example: every week);

- when the quantity of money reaches a threshold (example: 10,000 TADA);

- other

The Cash prize won by the User is credited in the form of points to the User.

The User can consult his point balance at any time on their mobile app.

It is important to note that not all users are paid the same way. These details are given in the Money distribution section.

3.2. Distribution of money: As previously stated, the remuneration associated with a task is not directly distributed to users. When the distribution condition is reached, the Prize Pool is distributed to users based on their score. Thus, a user gains places when he produces and verifies data. He can also lose money if he produces wrong data or if he deviates from the consensus during a verification.

The distribution of the Prize Pool to users is carried out in such a way that the first users win much more than the others. In this way, users are encouraged to surpass themselves by completing as many tasks as possible. The more tasks the user validates, the more their score increases.

4. Responsibilities and Compliance

4.1. Prohibition of Algorithms: The use of algorithms or any automated programs is prohibited.

4.2. Legal compliance: Producers and Checkers must comply with the legislation of their country of residence concerning taxes and social security contributions.

4.3. Liability of Ta-da: Ta-da cannot be held responsible for the legal compliance of users.

5. Data management

The User undertakes to maintain confidentiality vis-à-vis third parties regarding the data and project descriptions transmitted to him for the purpose of processing a project and to use this information exclusively for the provision of services to the platform. In particular, the service must be provided in such a way that third parties cannot gain access to the transmitted data and project descriptions. These obligations shall continue to exist even after the completion of a project. If the user culpably violates this, the platform reserves the right to assert claims for injunctive relief and damages.

Also all the data provided to users are under copyright. The user cannot use and/or keep them for any other purpose than the ones explained in the job description

The Platform will not provide Users with any infrastructure or equipment with which to access the Workplace or offer to provide services. The Users is responsible, solely at his/her own cost and expense, for (i) obtaining and maintaining access to the Internet, including paying all Internet service provider fees, (ii) acquiring and maintaining a computer system that has a browser capable of accessing the Workplace or Partner Sites and has appropriate anti-spyware, anti-malware and anti-virus software, anti-malware and anti-virus programs to enable the Users to detect malware and other malicious software and to protect his/her own computer system, and (iii) all costs, expenses and fees incurred in acquiring tools or other equipment necessary to access the Workplace and any other costs or expenses incurred in providing the Services.

The Users understands and acknowledges that the Internet is an unsafe medium and some websites may be hostile and may attempt to infect or mislead a computer system or software into revealing personal information for illegal purposes. The Users shall never disclose any personal, proprietary, or confidential information requested in, for example, an email that appears to originate from the Platform. All services provided through the Workplace are provided at the User's own risk and, except as set forth in Section 8 regarding willful misconduct and gross negligence, the Platform shall not be liable for (i) any loss caused to the Users during or as a result of a visit to a third party website, (ii) any fraudulent email or other fraudulent activity on the Internet, or (iii) any adverse consequences arising from any virus, spyware or malware affecting the User's computer system, including but not limited to any loss of data, damage to the computer system, identity theft or any other adverse consequence. The Users understand that browser protection, anti-spyware and anti-virus software can reduce the risk on the Internet but cannot eliminate it. The Users will take reasonable steps to protect themselves from web and email fraud while interacting with the Workplace.

The Users grants the platform an unlimited right of use in terms of time, space, and content for all rights to the service provided for the platform. This granting of rights relates both to rights of use under copyright law and to other industrial property rights. The granting of rights shall apply to all types of use, in particular to reproductions, distributions, performances, public reproductions, adaptations and transformations of any copyrighted works or other industrial property rights. The granting of rights also includes in particular the right of the platform to grant third parties, in particular the clients of the platform, the corresponding rights to the same extent, so that the services of Users are freely available to them to the extent permitted. In doing so, the Users waives his/her right to be named and designated as the author of any works created by him. The granting of any rights of use is compensated for with the remuneration to be paid by the platform for accepted services.

The Users warrant that all services provided by him/her for the platform do not contain any illegal content, in particular that they do not infringe on any copyrights, personal rights, or other proprietary rights of third parties or are relevant under criminal law in any form. The Users are obligated to compensate the platform for any costs incurred by the platform as a result of justified claims being made against the platform by third parties on the basis of content created by the Users. This shall not apply if the Users is not responsible for the respective infringement. In this context, the platform expressly points out that, as part of quality assurance, checks are carried out on services provided by Users for any copyright infringements.

As part of certain jobs, you may be required to film or take a picture of yourself. The jobs offered by Ta-da are not obligatory, you are therefore free to accept or refuse the jobs, including those incorporating a filmed or photographed part. If you accept a job involving filming or taking a picture of yourself, you authorise Ta-da to and/or the customer use the videos or the pictures in the context of the uses described.

The platform's handling of personal data of Users can be found in the privacy policy.

6. Applicable law

5.1. French law: The relationship between Ta-da and users is governed by French law.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this UGC, please contact us at contact@ta-da.io.

Thank you for choosing Ta-da !